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Windshield Wiper Fluid Is A Vital Component for Your Vehicle

Windshield washer fluid isn't the first thing that people think about when they think about driving safely but it can prevent accidents just the same. Having a vehicle that is topped off with windshield wiper fluid means that a driver can free debris off of the windshield with the windshield washer fluid that is contained within the system to have a streak free view of their surroundings.

This comes in handy at night when the headlights from vehicles can turn a dirty windshield almost opaque and cause the driver to not be able to see out of it. This can lead to an accident that could put lives at risk or cause unnecessary insurance claims.

We here at Nielsen Kia want to remind you that all of this can be avoided if you make sure that you refill your windshield wiper fluid regularly so that you can use it when needed. Schedule a time to visit us today to get this process taken care of!

The Origin of the Term "Horsepower"

If you have ever wondered how horsepower relates to vehicles, this might help.

In an attempt to sell more of his steam engines, inventor and designer James Watt, knew he had to find a way to impress potential purchasers with the power of these machines. His answer came when he observed ponies working in a coal mine.

During his observations he figured that one pony was capable of towing 22,000 foot-pounds of coal in a minute. Bumping that number up by 50% he arrived at 33,000 foot-pounds per minute as a unit for measuring horsepower. Put more simply, his calculations brought him to figure 33 pounds per minute as the equivalent of one horsepower.

Mr. Watt was able to successfully use this measurement in sales pitches to clients, but you can visit Nielsen Kia in Michigan City, IN to get more information about horsepower. Our professional sales staff will gladly bring you up to date on our vehicles and their capabilities in terms of horsepower.

Important Pre-Travel Plans Before Your Next Road Trip

There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of taking a road trip. That's why it's important to make sure you take the time to plan and prepare for a safe trip from the Michigan City, IN area.

  • Be sure to check the weather forecast for all the regions and states you are traveling to so you can be prepared for any inclement weather along your route.
  • Consider purchasing a GPS device if your car is not already equipped with one. The GPS will not only help you map the trip accurately but can also give you live updates on construction delays, accidents and other delays.
  • Here at Nielsen Kia, we serve many customers in our service department for pre-road trip inspections so they can rest assure their vehicle is mechanically safe and sound before their trip out of the local area.

Here's wishing you a safe and happy journey for you and your family on behalf of the entire team at Nielsen Kia!

The parts that you can buy from the dealership are better for a number of reasons. Before you run out to the local discount auto store, here are a few things to consider when you need new parts for your vehicle in Michigan City, IN:

The parts that you will be picking up at the dealership are all OEM approved, and that means they have been specifically crafted to replace the original parts in your car perfectly. The dealership has the largest inventory of these auto parts in stock now, everything from filters, to brake parts. If you have a question or concern about which part you may need, the team working at the dealership have several decades combined experience and will be able to help you to get the right part that you need.

Make it a point to come to see us at Nielsen Kia when you want to get the best parts the first time.

Four-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive: Which Is Your Favorite?

What feature is most important to you when shopping for a vehicle? Is it interior comfort or exterior good looks? Maybe you want a vehicle with lots of horsepower or one with four-wheel or all-wheel drive. For anyone interested in taking their vehicles off-road or living in areas where icy conditions are common, the latter is certainly at the top of some lists.

A four-wheel vehicle is one that can be used in either two-wheel or four-wheel mode depending on the need. They also offer a low-gear range when the differential is locked in to help in difficult terrain. All-wheel vehicles offer traction to all wheels all the time making them ideal for people who like to go off-roading without the worry of switching from one mode to the other.

The four-wheel option is available on most trucks and larger SUVs, while all-wheel drive is typically part of the package on some sedans, crossovers and smaller SUVs. Stop in and find the right choice for you with our team at Nielsen Kia!

Save Time and Money with Dealership Vehicle Parts

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provide dealerships with parts made by the same company as the vehicle. OEM parts are also preferable by many because of the support system that comes with them. An independent shop may be able to match your vehicle needs with replacement parts, but the quality is not always up to par.

The truth is not all aftermarket parts are built the same, which means that aftermarket parts are likely not up to the same standard as OEM, dealership parts. Some people, hoping to save money by buying aftermarket parts, often find out they paid for a part that does not work properly. Then, they will have to replace the part and may have difficulties getting a refund. Consumers can save themselves time and money by visiting their dealership showroom to get the right part the first time around.

Stop by and meet with us at Nielsen Kia today and let our experts assist you!

The Four Parts of a Modern Lightbulb

You may have noticed if you've given your headlights a close inspection that it contains more than just one bulb. Generally, modern headlights actually contain at least three different bulb types, as well as the actual housing the bulbs are contained within. Understanding these different bulbs and what they do can help you determine if it is time to bring your vehicle into Nielsen Kia for service.

The part of the headlight that you see from outside of your vehicle is actually the headlight housing, and it does not light up itself. The housing is there to protect the bulbs within. The three different bulb types are the regular beams, the high beams, and your turn signals. Any of this bulb can fail individually, but it is generally recommended you replace both bulbs when one fails.

When it is time for a bulb replacement give us a visit at 4411 E. Michigan Blvd, and we can help make sure you select the right type of bulb and install it for you.

Know What to Do When a Police Car is on the Side of the Road?

When the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported that over 150 officers had lost their lives as a result of motorists not obeying the Move Over laws in their state, a bigger issue was discovered. Although all 50 states have a Move Over law in the books, it is shocking how few drivers even know what that law entails.

According to a poll sponsored by the National Safety Commission, nearly 71 of the drivers on US highways have no idea even what a Move Over law is. These laws are very simple but educated the public needs to become a priority. When you see a police car with flashing lights at the side of the road, drivers need to slow down, change lanes, and keep driving slow until the scene is passed.

It is our hope at Nielsen Kia to raise more awareness of the Move Over law to help protect our officers.

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